3 TIps to Simplify Industrial Web Design


As the search engines continually update their algorithms, it has become important for companies to keep up with web design trends. Today’s industrial web design can be labor-intensive and time-consuming, and many companies delay site upgrades because they see the process as intimidating. To stay competitive, distributors and manufacturers should take advantage of these tips to maximize their online marketing efforts.

Concentrate on Products

When a potential client visits a distributor’s or manufacturer’s website, there’s a significant chance that they’re looking for information on specific products. With that in mind, the company’s products should be put at the forefront on its website. Many manufacturers make the mistake of assuming that customers will come to them looking for information, but that’s not always true. Today’s website visitors prefer to find information on their own so they can make an informed decision before calling the company. Therefore, the industrial website design should include product listings with descriptions, pictures and options.

Highlight the Company’s Expertise

A corporate website is the right place to highlight the company’s expertise. When customers consider making an expensive purchase, they naturally want the best option. Using the site to highlight ISO certifications and awards can go a significant way toward reassuring potential customers that the company is indeed the best option. Update the site with each award by putting out a press release, posting on the blog, or writing on social media. Some companies are reluctant to do this because it may seem like bragging. However, when a company seeks to differentiate itself from the competition, it should establish itself as an industry leader and trusted partner.

Simplify Navigation

The importance of site navigation should not be underestimated. Every page of a website should be accessed with the fewest clicks possible. More customers are relying on mobile devices, and it’s important to ensure that the site can be properly viewed across a range of mobile devices.

Coming up with a solid industrial site design can be resource-intensive and time-consuming. If a company owner feels overwhelmed at the thought of designing a new website, they should call a professional web designer for help.